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Dear fellow minority investors, please take time to download and read through these materials. We want to send a collective message that corporate governance is important. 

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Oct 17th, 2019

June 26, 2019

*Disclaimer: All court documents listed are public records.


Empty Promises

Albert Chen (CFO) : “…in the context of where does the company should seek additional listing of improving the publicity as well as the liquidity of the company… we do not rule the possibility that we may revisit the topic in the future if it seems beneficial to everyone.

Albert Chen (CFO) : “…we also want to maintain a steady dividend stream as possible as one of the ways to return the capital back to the investor… We will not rule the possibility of continuously returning capital back to investor whether in the form of dividend or share repurchases…”

Albert Chen (CFO): “… the team has been supportive of a stable and predictable dividend policy. And we believe it is the right thing to do for the company and shareholders…”

Albert Chen (CFO) : “…I just want to make sure the investor and the investment community is aware that it is our intention to have a stable dividend policy…”

Albert Chen (CFO) : “…Our positions with respect to capital allocation has always been taken into consideration, shareholders' interest… to a certain extent, the board, including myself, have been remained relatively open in terms of capital allocation positions…”

Albert Chen (CFO) : “…we want to maintain a (dividend) policy that is predictable with certain level of transparency…”

Albert Chen (CFO) : “…we have no intention of ruling out share repurchases for good... we hope shareholders will prefer a dividend payment…”

Albert Chen (CFO): “…we have an excessive amount of capital on hand, and we will have to find a way to reward our shareholders either through means of share repurchase or dividend, that is something that's constantly on our mind…”

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